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19 November 2014 @ 03:44 pm
Couldn't Have Done it Better by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee|R)
Fair and Square by lanalucy (Kara/Lee|MA)

The Surprise Package by laura_mayfair (Laura/Solo|MA)
My XO is the Centerfold by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Solo|MA)
The Game by singerdiva01_sk (Bill/Laura/Saul|MA)
17 November 2014 @ 08:12 pm
Keys to the Vault by lanalucy (Kara, Zak/OFC | NR)
Service Industry by lanalucy (Kara, Ellen | R)

Fair and Square by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | NR)
The Score by lanalucy (Kara/Karl | NR)
Better Than a Fuzzy Blanket by lanalucy (Kara/Karl | NR)
...And Other Fancy Stuff by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | R)
Stormy Weather by lanalucy (Kara/Karl | R)
Welcome Home by lanalucy (Kara/Saul | R)
Timing is Everything by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | NR)
Contrails in Water by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | R)
Shall I Compare Thee To a... Kitten? by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | R)
Moonlight on the Water by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | R)
Little Bit of Hope by lanalucy (Kara/Lee | R)

Late Night Call by lanalucy (Kara/Kendra | G)
Just a Matter of Time by lanalucy (Lee/Sam | R)

Fleet Traditions by lanalucy (Bill/Kara/Saul | R)
Extra Credit by lanalucy (Kara/Laura/Lee | R)
Merry Go Round by lanalucy (Kara/Lee, Bill/Saul | PG)
Second Chances by lanalucy (Kara/Lee, Bill/Saul | NR)
Surrender by lanalucy (Kara/Lee, Kara/Zak, Kara/Lee/Zak | NR)
Apology Accepted by lanalucy (Kara/Lee/Sam | R)
12 November 2014 @ 04:36 pm
Diary of a Horrible Person by singerdiva01_sk (Billy, Laura|NR)
Snippet from New Normal by lanalucy (Kara, Laura|NR)
The Things We Do for Love by fragrantwoods (Gaius, The Baltars|NR)

Interview with the President by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|MA)
Ignorance is Dangerous Bliss by singerdiva01_sk (Billy/Dee|MA)
Connections in the Dark by fragrantwoods (Adama/Roslin, Laura/Joseph|MA)
Meets Expectations by singerdiva01_sk (Roslin/Zarek|MA)
The Score by lanalucy (Kara/Karl|MA)
The Perfect Blend by newnumbertwo (Adama/Roslin, Ellen/Saul, Billy, Kara, Sam, Karl, Gaeta, MOC|T)

Just a Matter of Time by lanalucy (Lee/Sam|MA)
Tactics by singerdiva01_sk (Roslin/Cain|MA)

Fleet Traditions by lanalucy (Bill/Kara/Saul|M)
Extra Credit by lanalucy (Kara/Lee/Laura|MA)

Holiday Wishlist Event 2014 @bsg_epics
05 November 2014 @ 03:52 pm
Keys to the Vault by lanalucy (Kara|NR)
Last Day by singerdiva01_sk (Laura, Billy|NR)

Second Chances by lanalucy (Kara/Lee|NR)

Dangerous by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul|G)

Microgifts @ bsg_epics
03 November 2014 @ 08:05 pm
Brave Face by singerdiva01_sk (Laura | NR)
The Personal, Private Diary of LR (AFTER DEATH, BURN WITHOUT READING) by fragrantwoods (Laura | NR)
Defining Image by singerdiva01_sk (Laura | NR)
Bombs Bursting in Air by fragrantwoods (Kara | NR)
After by walbergr (Lee | NR)
Untitled by millari (Felix Gaeta | NR)
Regulation Style by singerdiva01_sk (Laura, Billy | NR)
The Cool Kids by walbergr (Kara, Karl | NR)
Dreaming of Old Worlds, and New by obsessive_a101 (Sam | NR)

One Wild Ride by fragrantwoods, updated with Last, Best Rides, Part 2, Last, Best Rides, Part 3, Last, Best Rides, Part 4, Last, Best Rides, Part 5, and Open Roads (Adama/Roslin | T)
Essence by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Bill | NR)
Beauty and the Beast by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Bill | NR)
His Type by walbergr (Kara/Sam, Jean | NR)
Her Favorite Mistake by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Lee NR)
A Dangerous Job by sisterbiscuit (Laura/LEe | NR)
The Results by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Sam | NR)
A Personalized Gift For the President by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Tom | NR)
Motorcycle Club by bowlsohard (Adama/Roslin | MA)
College by bowlsohard (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Taming of the Shrew by fragrantwoods (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Two Agathons and a Dungeon by fragrantwoods (Sharon/Helo | MA)
"Laura of Urbino" Oil on Canvas by fragrantwoods (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Proud Members of the One Million B.C. Club by fragrantwoods (Kara/Lee | MA)
Dangerous Woman by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Bad Influences by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Advantages of Playing Good Cop by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Storage Closet by walbergr (Kara/Lee | MA)
Needs by walbergr (Helo/Athena | MA)
Wildflower Letters by walbergr (Adama/Roslin | MA)
Fairy Tale by walbergr (Kara/Lee | MA)
Notes by walbergr (Billy/Dee | MA)

Dress Grays by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | G)
No More Excuses by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | G)
Mentoring Relationships by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Kara | NR)
Dirty and Glorious by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Kara | NR)
Eleven Words by walbergr (Gaeta/Hoshi | NR)
Untitled by walbergr (Kara/Kendra | NR)
Forgiveness by lorrainemarker (Gaeta/Narcho | NR)
Certain unbearable things by walbergr (Lee/Sam | NR)
Keep Still by lorrainemarker (Gaeta/Narcho | NR)
The Real Thing by fragrantwoods (Bill/Saul | MA)
Bombshell by swan_secrets (Kara/Six | MA)
Can't Get Enough by swan_secrets (Kara/Six | MA)
Late by swan_secrets (Kara/Caprica | MA)
Fast and Dirty by swan_secrets (Kara/Caprica | MA)
Dumb Rule by swan_secrets (Kara/Caprica | MA)
The Writer by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | MA)
Not Much of A sheriff by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | MA)
The Muse by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | MA)
Book Drought by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | MA)
Freedom by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | MA)
The Newbie by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul | MA)

After the Show by singerdiva01_sk (Kara/Lee/Karl | MA)
Audience by singerdiva01_sk (Bill/Saul/Laura | MA)
29 October 2014 @ 05:06 pm
No Hands by singerdiva01_sk (Bill/Laura/Saul|MA)
22 October 2014 @ 04:10 pm
Brave Face by singerdiva01_sk (Laura|NR)
After by walbergr (Lee|NR)
Regulation Style by singerdiva01_sk (Billy, Laura|NR)
The Cool Kids by walbergr (Kara, Karl|NR)

Essence by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|NR)
A Dangerous Job by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Lee|NR)
The Results by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Sam|NR)
A Personalized Gift for the President by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Tom|NR)
Better than a Fuzzy Blanket by lanalucy (Karl/Kara|MA)
Round Two by walbergr (Kara/anon, Kara/Zak, Kara/Lee|MA)

Mentoring Relationships by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Kara|MA)
Dirty and Glorious by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Kara|MA)
Untitled by walbergr (Kara/Kendra|NR)
New Caprica's Finest by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Kara|MA)

Apologies by lanalucy (Kara/Lee/Sam|MA)

Week-long Prompting Challenge @ bsg_epics
15 October 2014 @ 05:11 pm
Stormy Weather by lanalucy (Kara/Karl|MA)
The Best Kind of Pain by bowlsohard (Adama/Roslin|MA)
And Other Fancy Stuff... by lanalucy (Kara/Lee|MA)

Untitled by madampresident (D'Anna/Laura|MA)
The Weight by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul|MA)
08 October 2014 @ 05:02 pm
Winter Rendezvous by sisterbiscuit (Laura/Lee|MA)
Adama Family Heirloom by fragrantwoods (Adama/Roslin|MA)
Who Says they Can't Have One? by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|MA)
Hot Pink Jockstrap by lorrainemarker (Gaeta/Narcho|MA)
01 October 2014 @ 04:20 pm
Colonial One Cot by madampresident (Adama/Roslin|MA)
The Space Between by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|MA)

Someday by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul|MA)