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the_wireless's Journal

The Galactica Wireless
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The Wireless is a newsletter to keep track of fanfiction posted in the Battlestar Galactica fandom. We try to post links to all the fic we can find, so if you know of a community or author we should know about, please leave a comment in the most recent post or drop the mods a line at galacticreads@gmail.com (our reading journal is galacticreads).

The current schedule is three posts a week:
Monday: plaid_slytherin
Wednesday: newnumbertwo
Friday: somadanne

Links are marked with pairings and ratings as provided by the author. Linked posts may contain material that is unsuitable for the underaged or the squeamish. Linked posts link to whatever is currently being written in the BSG fandom including het, slash, and gen. But not RPF; the_wireless is only tracking fics about the characters, not fics about the actors.

THIS IS NOT A REC COMMUNITY. We're all about the quantity here, and haven't necessarily had the time to read all the stuff we're linking to. bsgficrecs does recs. After you've read through our links, go there and tell the world at large what blew your mind.

For links to episode discussion, icons and meta, please refer to the awesome galacticanews.