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New at This by singerdiva01_sk (Laura, Billy|NR)
The Darkness before Daybreak by singerdiva01_sk (Laura, Tory; Laura, Billy|NR)
No Bottle Unturned by singerdiva01_sk (Saul|NR)

Eye of the Beholder by newnumbertwo (Laura/Sam|M)
In the Shadows by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin, Zarek|NR)
The Candle Burns Not for Us by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin, Billy/Dee|NR)
But First, Breakfast by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|NR)
Smoke More Solid Than Breath by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|NR)
Pinky Swear by lanalucy (Kara/Karl|MA)
Death by Orgasm by lanalucy (Kara/Leoben|MA)
Unbroken by fragrantwoods (Adama/Roslin|PG-13)
Midnight Witness by obsessive_a101 (Laura/Tom|T)
Moments Dans le Temps by lanalucy (Brendan/Cally|T)
Oh, What a Life by singerdiva01_sk (Adama/Roslin|MA)

No Hands by lanalucy (Kara/Cally|MA)
Five Questions; Now Answers by lorrainemarker (Felix/Hoshi, Felix/Narcho|MA)
Heart Fire by laura_mayfair (Bill/Saul|G)
The Hardest Steps to Take by millari (Bill/Saul|PG)

I Like the New Amenities by lanalucy (BSG/Firefly|PG)
Shoe's On the Other Foot by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Laura/Saul|PG)
Not a Person by walbergr (Felix/Narcho, Athena/Helo, Felix/Sweet!Eight|E)

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Not Fade Away by lanalucy (Kara, Kacey|G)

Friendly Game of Triad by lanalucy (Kara/Crashdown, Racetrack, Sandman|R)
Amends by madampresident (Laura/Joseph|MA)

Sunrise by plaid_slytherin (Bill/Saul|G)

Some Assembly Required: Part One by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee, Bill/Laura/Saul|M)
Special Edition: Everything You Need to Know About the Wedding of the Century by singerdiva01_sk (Bill/Laura/Saul|NR)
Hard Landing by lanalucy (BSG/Buffy|R)
No Admission by lanalucy (BSG/Buffy|R)

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: A Drabble Quartet by obsessive_a101 (Lee, Laura, Billy, Sharon|NR)

The President Swallows by madampresident (Laura/Sam|MA)
Mutually Assured Destruction by madampresident (Bill/Ellen|MA)
Hot and Beautiful by walbergr (Kara/Lee|MA)
The Walk-Ride-Walk of Shame by madampresident (Laura/Sam|MA)
His Place by madampresident (Roslin/Zarek|MA)
Tamarind Tango by fragrantwoods (Kara/Lee|NR)
Shore Leave Private Picnic by fragrantwoods (Adama/Roslin|NR)
A Woman's Armor by singerdiva01_sk (Bill/Carolanne, Adama/Roslin|NR)
Tauron Tea Test by singerdiva01_sk (Laura/Joesph, Adama/Roslin|NR)

Can't Wait by madampresident (Bill/Saul|MA)

MMF by madampresident (Bill/Laura/Saul|MA)

(no subject)

Smells Like Home by lucywritesfic (Kara, Karl|G)
Slaying Dragons by lucywritesfic (Kara, Kacey|R)
Beyond Wrong by lucywritesfic (Karl|R)
Joint Projects by lucywritesfic (Kara, Laura|PG)

Midterm Blowout by lucywritesfic (Kara/Karl|PG)
Missed a Spot by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee|PG)
Three Kisses that Probably Never Happened and Three Kisses that Definitely Did by lucywritesfic (Adama/Roslin, Laura/Lee, Lee/Kara, Kara/Gaius, Gaius/Six, Gaius/Boomer|PG)
The Groom is Gone by kdbleu (Kara/Lee|MA)
Marry Me (Again) by aurora1888 (Lee/Dee|MA)
Insolence II: Defiance by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee|R)
Not Alone by lucywritesfic (Cally/Brendan|PG)
Not Eyes Only by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee|R)
Smoke and Ashes by lucywritesfic (Kara/Karl|R)
Good Omens by lucywritesfic (Kara/Karl|G)
In a Minute by lucywritesfic (Kara/Zak|R)
New Preflight Checklist by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee|R)
And Not in the Fun Way by lucywritesfic (Kara/Lee|R)

One Night Only by lucywritesfic (Lee/Karl, Kara|PG)
Riding Bitch by lucywritesfic (Kara/Kendra|PG)
Clear and Effective Communication by lucywritesfic (Kara/Kendra|R)
Kept Woman by lucywritesfic (Kara/Laura|R)
Gentle by lucywritesfic (Kara/Laura|G)
Out of the Dark by scifishipper (Zarek/Meier|MA)
Aurora by lucywritesfic (Kara/Laura|G)
Unraveling by lucywritesfic (Kara/Laura|R)
Did My Wife Ever Do This? by lucywritesfic (Lee/Sam|R)
A Case for Bribery by lucywritesfic (Kara/Laura|PG)
Boy Toy by lucywritesfic (Kara, Lee/Sam|R)
Your Play, Honeybuns by lucywritesfic (Kara/Laura|PG)

Do They Serve Beer in Elysium? by lucywritesfic (BSG/SG-1|PG)

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